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My Year of Service!

After graduating college you may seem a bit lost or eager to find a job in your field. For me I knew what I wanted to do, but I just hadn't found a job in my field. After graduating an opportunity came to me called Americorps VISTA.

what is americorps VISTA?

Volunteers in Service to America, was conceived by President John F. Kennedy as a domestic counterpart to the Peace Corps and was started by President Lyndon Johnson as part of the War on Poverty. It is the national service program that works to eliminate poverty.

Being an Americorps VISTA you are committing a full-time year of service in a community of your choice. During your year of service you are making a tangible difference in both the city and community dealing with some of our Nation's biggest challenges: poverty, inequity, homelessness, and lack of access to education.

UTC Global Student Volunteers

My first year of service

My year of service was with Partnership for Families, Children and Adult in Chattanooga, TN at their thrift store called Partnership Thrift & Consignment. I found out about Americorps because right after I graduated in December 2016 I was volunteering at the thrift store. The Director of Grants and Publications told me about the Americorps VISTA position and asked me if I was interested in applying for it and I told her yes why not. I can truthfully say it was one of the best decisions I made after graduating college. I was working at a thrift store, doing graphic design for the thrift store and had a store front to sell my merchandise; I was living my dream.

Overall I loved the experience and was grateful for ever moment of it. I had the opportunity to connect and make an impact with my community and make life long friendships. I am currently serving another year with Americorps and I relocated to Colorado Springs, CO. I am the Community Resource Coordinator at Boys Hope Girls Hope of Colorado. I am excited about this new position because I will be working with academically motivated high school students rise above disadvantaged backgrounds to earn a high school diploma, entry into college, and a college degree through mentoring, tutoring, and scholarship. I want share my high school and college experience and help guide these students to make the best of theirs.

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