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Been Thrifty Sneaker Pots

I have started doing upcycled series for She's Oh So Thrifty. The latest series is Been Thrifty Sneaker Pots. Been Thrifty Sneaker Pots is a series of thrifted sneakers repurposed as sneaker pots. Each pot is one of one, hand painted or hydro dipped by Lizigns.

This new series came about because while thrifting at the bins I always came across single sneakers. Single sneakers meaning a shoe I could never find the other pair to. A majority of these single sneakers are in great condition, but since you can't find the other pair they just get left behind and disguared. After seeing this time and time again I wanted to come up with a unique way to repurpose these single sneakers. So I came up with Been Thrifty Sneaker Pots, the perfect item for Sneaker Heads, Plant and Fashion lovers. Your Been Thrifty Sneaker Pot doesn't have to be just for plants it can be used as:

  • Pencil +Pen Holder

  • Pocket Dump: Phone, Keys Wallet

  • Paint Brush Holder

  • Everyday Jewelry

Been Thrifty Sneaker Pots are available online or locally at The Hause Collective. Let us know how you use your Been Thrifty Sneaker Pot, tag us on Instagram and use the hashtag #beenthriftysneakerpot

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