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WELCOME TO LIZIGNS STUDIO shop art & upcycled WEARABLE ART by lizigns

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meet lizigns

Welcome to my website. My name is Liz and I am an multidisciplinary artist from Nashville, TN currently residing

in Manitou Springs, CO. I use the everyday space around

me to create and tell a story through art. With my designs I want to share both my creations and visions when it comes to creating art, design, clothing and culture. Being a multidisciplinary artist and freelance graphic designer has allowed me to collaborate and help individuals bring their design visions to life for their businesses and brands. This website is used to display my services

and the variety of works created by Lizigns Studio.

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artist.creator.graphic designer.Thrifter
home of lizigns & she's oh so thrifty, your one
stop shop for all things created by lizignS.


Colorado Springs, CO

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